Monday, 10 March 2014

Kenya Gets Boost For ITB 2014 as Lupita Wins Oscar

The timelines on the social media exploded when Lupita won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in ’12 Years a Slave’.

Kenya has in the past featured in Oscar winning movies, shot on location like ‘Out of Africa’ but never before has a Kenyan actress or actor won the film world’s most coveted prize.

Struggling as a destination for the past 18 months this momentous occasion will no doubt give a huge confidence boost to the country and the Kenyan team presently en route to promote the country at the world’s largest tourism trade fair, the ITB in Berlin.

Many in fact will land in the morning in Europe, connecting to Berlin, and find out that Lupita had indeed won, missing that glorious moment as they were still airborne. ‘I hope our KTB team will be able to get a big poster of Lupita and use it on the stand for all to see and to ride the high waves of positive publicity we have now received’ said a source on the phone while preparing to fly out of Nairobi later this morning, also enroute to Berlin.

In the past it was Olympic and World Champions from the Kenya Athletics team on whose fame and popularity Kenya Tourism could bank but this latest publicity for the country, Lupita and Kenya are now mentioned all over the world in news broadcasts and in the social media time lines, will hopefully give the Kenyan’s in Berlin a second wind as they seek to regain their position as East Africa’s number one destination.


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