Monday, 3 March 2014


A representative of textile industry, cotton brokers and cotton growers of India, Indian Cotton Federation (ICF) erstwhile the South India Cotton Association (SICA), is planning to develop direct links with the cotton growers in Africa and the buyers in India respectively. After the courtesy call made by a three-member team including President of the national Union of Cotton Producers in Burkina Faso, Communication Manager of African Cotton Producers Association and Vice-President of the National Federation of Cotton Producers in Senegal, J. Thulasidharan, President of ICF said, “This is the third delegation in the last couple of months.

They are here on an exploratory trip, to understand the industry’s requirement and we intent to proactively pursue and establish better trade relationship.”
Various mission have been initiated by International Cotton Trade (ICT) with an aim to promote African cotton. During the visit, Thulasidharam exhibiting his interest sought details regarding the production volumes, government regulations, native condition, safety element, and logistics expressing the need to initiate buyer-seller meet in Africa offering a platform which will give an excellent opportunity to stakeholders to establish a direct link with the cotton producer/ginner in Africa. He added, “Only two-and-a-half per cent of our requirement is produced here. The cotton that is required for making knitted yarn is now sourced from Gujarat. African cotton is the next best alternative.”


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