Wednesday, 5 March 2014


The National Sports Week that was held on February 2, 2014 concluded on a happy note with a spirit of enthusiasm and motivation for future. The successful event witnessed the profound presence of ministers, heads of the Sports Commission, National Associations and representatives of the PFDJ at the closing ceremony. Mr. Mehari Mengisteab, Chairman of the organizing committee, stated on the occasion that the event positions the groundwork for students to determine utmost competency concerning various sports areas, and that such an ambience could be ensured on the basis of research as well as constant efforts. He also asserted that the quality of the event confirms to the fact that sports development and infrastructure relies on the country's investment in the youth, and entitled on all directorial regions to utilize innovative endeavors to this end. On the same strain, Ms. Halima Mohammed, Head of the Education Ministry's branch in the Central region, noted that sports constitute fragment of the daily abstract events, and that such talent could be exhibited on the part of students, thanks to such schoolbased theoretical and practical lessons.

On being asked about the event worth, Ms. Gebriela Gebrehana, a teacher, and Mr. Amanuel Matewos enlightened that the event's positive side pertains to the representativeness of the participants and its input in regard to encouragement of sports culture and ethics. They further articulated contentment with the big number of female participation witnessed. The event concluded with the distribution of awards to those who achieved higher outcomes.


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