Wednesday, 5 March 2014


The “Prince Charming” of Indian Cricket team can truly be defined as an important pillar of Indian batting. Yuvraj Singh Bhandal is an esteemed part of the team since the year 2000 and has made his strong presence felt at regular intervals. Be it the Cricket World Cup of 2011 when he was honoured with the name of the "Man of the Tournament" or being the first batsman to hit six sixes in an over in Twenty20 internationals and the fourth in senior cricket.

Yuvi, as he is called by his teammates, is an all-rounder cricketer while his bowling style reflects the orthodox pattern of the slow left arm bowlers. The Punjabi Tiger of cricket was born on December 12, 1981 and made his international debut for India against New Zealand in the year 2003.

If described insanely, this lefthanded batsman is the face of Indian youth who always weaponize his anger to amalgamate with his hunger for victory in a match. The dark phase came for the ostentatious sportsman of India when he was diagnosed and cancer but, the Punjabi boy fought, survived and came back with a bang to international cricket.

Today, Yuvraj Singh becomes most expensive signing at IPL 7 auction as Royal Challengers Bangalore buys him for Rs 14cr. He turned to be a great hit or we can say, the fact that IPL auctioneer Richard Madley missed Kolkata’s bid got Yuvi sold for a handsome amount.

On the same vein RCB owner Vijay Mallya having the last laugh asserted, “We are very, very happy to have Yuvraj. We have to keep on bidding because our captain was very keen on him. That extra Rs.14crore was a bit unfortunate, but the auctioneer has the sole discretion. Everybody saw him look around the room before the hammer fell but he chose to continue. So life goes on.”

Hopefully, after continuous breakdown this auction will boost this handsome with his far-leftbehind flamboyant, true Punjabi characteristics and prove to be a miracle in his career allowing him to start from the scratch.

Erstwhile, this player had this continuous share of predicaments from being dropped, rested, ignorned or had to sit out due to injury concerns. He has come out with flying colors proving his victory to the world.


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