Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Green Mobile Tower Solutions in Ghana

Vihaan Networks Ltd (VNL), an Indian telecom equipment-maker has stepped up to enhance and power a communications revolution in Africa especially targeting Africa’s villages and remote locations. VNL is ready for the initiative with its innovative, green mobile tower solutions to better-off the communications scenario.

Recently, a glitter has been added to the crown of VNL i.e. Ghana has joined the client list of the enterprise. Ghana chose VNL's solar-powered ‘WorldGSM’ mobile tower architecture, an environment- friendly and cost-effective mobile system which is believed to deliver affordable services in villages. According to Rajiv Mehrotra, founder chairman and CEO of VNL, “The plan is to promote access to electronic services including broadcasting, the Internet, multimedia service and basic telephony in unserved areas of rural Ghana.”

VNL has already spread its wings and marked its presence in Nigeria, Uganda and Benin, and is in talks with other African nations to position its economical and green telecom solutions. VNL has positioned its revolutionary network in Bolivia and Peru, Latin America.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mehrotra asserted that the solution offered to the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication and Entel has been broadly tested in the country.

After a successful pilot project for demonstration of the capabilities of its mobile GSM solutions in rural areas of Alwar (Rajasthan) in 2011, VNL was awarded a completion certificate by India's Universal Service Obligatory Fund. Rajiv assured, “We will be a major player in expansion of telecom services in rural areas.”


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