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MIZORAM- The Home of the Highlanders

Cities and Famous Destinations of Mizoram

Aizwal City: The capital of Mizoram, “The Home of the Highlanders”, is the trademark of tribal culture. Awarded with enormous natural beauty, it has the meandering Tlwang River, the delicate landscape, and peaked hills of Durtlang assuming a natural boundary to the South of Aizwal. The city has reputation because of the Government Offices, State Assembly House and Civil Secretariat. The legendary folklores, the enthralling views make the city a place humming with activities and liveliness.

Lawngtlai City: This district is sharing its boundaries with Lunglei and Saiha Districts. The destination is a dwelling of minor cultural tribal groups of Lai and Chakma. Gifted with tropical climate, the district is perfect for the wild flora and fauna. It is enclosed with tropical wet evergreen, mixed deciduous forest and wild banana forests. You will simply discover skima wallichi, Banyan tree, Gulmohar tree, Gamari, Jarus, Champa and several kinds of bamboos, diverse species of climbers and numerous kinds of wild fruits.

Lunglei City: This tourist destination has plentiful and élite flora and fauna along with striking atmosphere. The nearby picnic spots of Khawiva and District Park at Zobawk attracts tourists in herds. The tropical forests of this region shelter tigers, wild boars, leopards, monkeys, barking deers, sambars and elephants, and many other migratory animals of the world. Some rare species of birds like the hombills, penpheasants, tragopans, flower-peckers, sunbirds and the thrush family are also found in the woods.

Champai City: This jamming commercial city has astonishing view of Myanmar hills. The credence goes as the history of Mizoram starts and ends at Champai. The amusing climate, attractive charm, riotous rice fields and green hillocks attract many tourists. The major tourist attractions are Kungawrhi Puk (cave), Tiau Lui (River), Rih Dil (Lake), Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang (Cliff), Thasiama Seno Neihna (Plateau), Manghaia Lung (Memorail Stone) and Fiara Tui. Do not miss out to check the famous Rohdil Lake close to the town.

Kolasib City: This small travel town is situated on the way to Silchar and Aizwal. You will go through with the astonishing ways of lifestyle, traditions, legends and beliefs here. The simple people of the district are of Mongolian breed and are mainly into farming. The hot travel spots for tourists are the lavish orchids, the peaceful surroundings, Tlawng River. How about a fishing expedition in this river.

Tourist Attractions in Mizoram
Mizoram tourism have lot of travel magnetisms and tourist places to visit that makes it a perfect place for your holiday vacations. This astonishing land has much in store for you which you determine when you explore it by undertaking a Mizoram tourism. Some of the major attractions are:

Phawngpui Hill View Attractions:
This prevalent mountains of the state is believed as the home of God. It offers outstanding view of sapphire Myanmar hills. It is rich in striking fauna, many perfumed herbs and rare species of orchids and rhododendrons. Being positioned on the bank of the river Kolodyne, it has breathtaking expanse.

Phulpui Grave: This grave has a love story of Tualvungi, a raging beauty of her time, and Zawlpala the Phulpui chief, that had a tragic climax.

Sibuta Lung - A Historic Stone Sculpture: Do not miss out to visit this historical stone portraying a fable of revenge and seizing of relationships to have an emotive experience.

Mangkhia Lung monument: It is located on the boundaries of India and Myanmar. The memorial stone of Mangkhia is absolutely wonderful monument.

Thangliana Lung Grave: It is a memorial stone of Captain T.H. Lewin, the first Englishman who visited Mizoram. This stone is ark of his admiration and empathy with the Mizos.

Chhingpuii Memorial: Built in the memory of a young woman called Chhingpuii who was exceptionally attractive, it is situated between Baktawng and Chhingchhip villages. The stone memorial reminds one of the legendary love lores of Chhingpuii and Kaptluanga.

Suangpuilawn Inscriptions: The magnetisms of inscriptions on the stone slab here are obscure. It is preserved that these inscriptions are done by the ancient habitants of the area.

Pangzawl: This village has association to the tragic folklore of Chawngungi, a very gorgeous girl and much sought for girl. Sawngkhara won and married her. But the girl soon died and the lad remained grieving for his entire life.

Tomb of Vanhimailian: This memorial tomb was erected in memory of Vanhimailian Sailo, a great chief who ruled over Champhai. Worth a Visit Site.

Tualchang: If you desire to see the biggest monolith of North East India then visit the largest rock near Tualchang village in the eastern part of Aizawl district.

Mountaineering and Trekking Adventure

Mizoram is an exciting place for adventurer Tours. Its scenery, the mountains, the valleys, the gorges are best matched for adventure holiday voyages. While trekking in the region you will come across tribes and tribal culture and lifestyle, heavy forests, wild orchids, extraordinary flora and fauna, captivating views. The rhapsodic exaltation which you will experience here is supreme. The places like Champai, Phawangpui (the Blue Mountain), Lunglei Town and Phawngpui National Park are attracts many adventure


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