Friday, 12 December 2014

Ansoni Luxury Events launches in style

Thrill, surprise and amazement. That is the mood that greeted guests at the official launch of Ansoni Luxury Events.

The newest entrant on the local private and corporate events scene treated guests to a colorful cocktail do, at the Rubangura Luxury Apartments in Kimihurura.

The event that was supposed to kick off at 7p.m did not, until much later— owing to a slight drizzle. Amidst the rain, the Ansoni Luxury Events team bravely went about their work, lighting candles and bon fires, ushering in guests, serving drinks and nibbles and sprinkling flowers on the floor.

Welcoming in guests and serving drinks and bites were beautiful ladies dressed in red, black and white evening dresses with wing-like extensions at the back.

When the drizzle subsided, the owner, Nicole Ansoni simply changed her wet clothes and declared the evening officially open.

“The reason Ansoni Luxury Events exists is to take away the hustle of organising events,” she stated, to cheerful applause from the poolside gathering.

She explained that Ansoni is a luxury wedding and event planning company specializing in event experiences that encompass all of the five senses.

“At Ansoni Luxury Events, we provide highly personalized planning, coupled with creativity, vision and expertise to create luxury weddings and events,” she explained, adding: “A beautiful d├ęcor and setting attracts the eye, but we capture your heart while telling your story,” said Nicole.

The company offers a range of services that fall under four broad categories, each with various packages entailed. These are: private event, corporate event, wedding event, and non-profit event services.


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