Friday, 12 December 2014

FBN Bank Ghana launches MoneyGram

FBN Bank has launched its MoneyGram Service at an impressive ceremony in Accra.

The launch signifies commencement of MoneyGram services by FBN Bank Ghana Limited. This is the first money transfer product launched by FBN Bank Ghana.

Managing Director (MD) of FBN Bank, Seyi Oyefeso said the decision to offer MoneyGram services was one of the initiatives FBN Bank was using to ensure easy and fast cash transfer across the sub-region.

He added that the bank will work hard to be the Number one MoneyGram partner bank in Ghana. Mr. Oyefeso praised his remittance unit for achieving a quick turnaround to launch the service after only two weeks of training.

Regional Manager of MoneyGram Anglophone West Africa, Mrs. Kemi Okusanya, said MoneyGram was very glad to add FBN Bank as a partner in Ghana.

She mentioned that customers of both organisations will enjoy the dividends of the financial integration and economic partnership that the two financial brands offer across the sub-region.

Present at the ceremony were top executives of FBN Bank and Regional Operations Manager of MoneyGram International.

FBN Bank Ghana has 19 locations nationwide and the new MoneyGram service will be available at all 19 locations.

MoneyGram is an international money transfer service that allows customers to receive remittances from relatives from over 200 countries to meet various personal needs. MoneyGram is available at over 1,600 locations across Ghana.


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