Monday, 29 December 2014

Government of Liberia signs Multimillion Deal with Chinese Company

The Ministry of Public Works of Liberia has signed a multimillion dollar contract with a Chinese company for the full pavement of Phase-I of the Fish Town-Harper Road Project being mutually financed by the Government of Liberia and the African Development Bank.

The China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Company Limited is said to cement the 50 kilometre road from Harper City to Karloken in Maryland County. The contract value is a little over 42.7 Million dollars and the real construction period is 2 years with 1 year of defects liability.

During the signing ceremony, newly appointed Public Minister, William Gyude Moore advised the contractor to take into consideration the issues of quality, durability and value for money.

He said that the road to be constructed is relatively noteworthy for socio-economic development of the country predominantly the south-eastern part of Liberia and the Ministry will ensure that the contractor does quality work; adding that monitoring and supervision will be prioritized at all stages of the project.

The Public Works’ official also noted that his leadership is wellinformed with the challenges that lay ahead and will safeguard that there is veracity in the contract awarding process, while ensuring the quality of the products that come out of that process. He thanked his predecessors Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods for his leadership and influence on this project and Dr. Weeks and the MPW team for working with the ADB and contractor to bring the project to reality.

He equally acknowledged the presence of the Chinese Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission to Liberia and went on to add that as a result of the Ebola outbreak,most foreign companies fled the country but the partnership with the Government and people of China has remained strong and we intend that while we are here providing leadership at the level of the Ministry of Public Works to continue that partnership with the Government and people of China and Chinese companies coming here to do business.

"For the people of Liberia the best way to improve our country is these things that we call economic multipliers-power, roads, telecommunications; in effect the infrastructure that makes it easier for business people to do business; for goods to move across the country.

We have been concerned about the southeast; that every rainy season this part of the country gets cut-off. The prices of goods and services go up; aggravating poverty in places that our already economically depressed and so we are very happy about this," Minister Moore averred.

For the Contractor, the Minister said that 'We know for China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Company winning a contract from a multilateral financing agency is a prestigious thing for you because after this, it goes on your profile indicating the works you have won before and this is an international competitive bid that you won as there were other companies'.... 'We hope we can work with the project team to deliver to the Liberian people value for money and the best quality road that can allow our brothers and sisters from the Ivory Coast to drive to Liberia'.

Concluding, he said his company won the international competitive bidding for phase-I of the Fish Town-Harper Road not just because of its lowest bidder status as compared to other competitors but also because of the company's long track record of undertaking large infrastructure and delivering high quality to clients.


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