Monday, 1 December 2014

Banks urged to bring systems up to standard

Banks in the country have been urged to bring their systems and infrastructure up to the standard of what pertains in other parts of the world. That, when done, is expected to help them boost their competitiveness while serving their customers in real time through improved operational efficiency.

The Managing Director of Subah Infosolutions, Mr Birendra Sasmal, made the call in an interview with the Daily Graphic after the company had made a presentation on its new tailor-made product for the banks at the 13th Ghana Banking Awards in Accra. The new product, “Xelerate”, he said, was a dynamic/robust revenue management solution to help improve the operations of banks in the country.

 The product, he said, was expected to address an array of offerings for banks which sought to inject more efficiency and profitability in their business while becoming customer-centric.

Making a presentation to the banks at the justended Ghana Banking Awards in Accra, Mr Sasmal said the product was built on a technology agnostic platform with no dependency on the type of database, web server, operating system used.

“Xelerate is also built on top of a robust and highly scalable platform; it has comprehensive, yet cost-effective solutions to satisfy all the revenue management and business assurance objectives,” he added. Mr Sasmal said the product would provide event-driven serviceoriented architecture to facilitate integration and flexibility while maintaining high availability and load balancing.

“Xelerate offers graphical, rule-driven administration of the core transaction engine to provide business-driven configurability of business process flows,” he added.

Pointing out some of the benefits of the product, he said it helped ensure operational efficiency as it could guarantee real-time convergent charging and billing platform for all services and ensure centralised and automated services while improving audit compliance.

He said it could also improve relationship through relationshipbased pricing and complete customer view across information silos, among other things.


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