Monday, 23 March 2015

Mobile phone users rise to 14 million in Angola

Mobile phone users in Angola amounted to some 14 million, almost doubling the number of five years ago amid the development of the telecommunications and information technologies, one of the fastest growing sectors of the African country since decades of armed conflicts came to an end in the year 2002.

Mobile phone Angola also has 3 million and 400,000 internet and digital library users respectively as against the 23 million population, according to statistics released by Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technologies Jose Carvalho da Rocha on Wednesday at a forum on the IT industry in Angola.

The minister said the government’s blueprint on the development of the IT industry has covered the whole national territory with a stress on regions where the access was difficult, and the goals of the sector were to make the IT services reachable by the country’s population by the year 2017.

Carvalho da Rocha stressed the goal could only be achieved with the establishment of more infrastructure, transfer of knowledge and technological innovation with stress to the expansion of national optical fibre retransmission points and implementation of submarine cables of the digital library and relevant networks across the country.

Currently Unitel and Movicel are the two major providers of mobile phone and internet services in Angola.

Source: Balancingact-Africa


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