Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Christopher to launch Agatima video

R&B singer Christopher Muneza has started shooting the video for the song, Agatima.

The video for the track which is off the singer’s second album is being shot in Kigali and is directed by KINA Music. The project started this week, on Monday, and it is expected to conclude next week.

Agatima is one of the most romantic songs by Christopher. This wonderful single contains soul touching lyrics and music—and it’s definitely the perfect song that you can dedicate to your lover and just feel the romance in the air.

On February 20, the 21-year-old released yet another song titled, Urubavu, which features a combination of romance and music.

“Urubavu has a deep and profound message for married couples, as they make vows never to separate until death,” he says.

Although he didn’t make it among the 25 nominees for this year’s Primus Guma Guma SuperStar singing competition, Christopher never considered it an issue and neither a discouragement.

“When I was entering my music journey, I never aimed at the PGGSS competitions and therefore having been not chosen wasn’t a big issue since I am still celebrating the success of my Valentine concert. So I have no reason to be discouraged,” he adds.

Christopher sings about love and his music helps people to feel the essence of romance. Some of his songs, such as, Iri Joro, Amahitamo, Byanze, Babyumva, among others, are described by fans as engaging and wonderful pieces of music which help them to appreciate love and feel its real meaning.
Source: New Times


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