Sunday, 8 March 2015

Rwandan movie to premier at Egyptian film festival

Local filmmakers are eager for the world to watch their movie, Dark Days. The movie that was shot in late January and edited by Samples Studios, last month, is set to premier at the Luxor Africa Film Festival (LAFF) in Egypt from March 16-25.

Dark Days is a 25-minute film by Musafiri Kayambi. It tells the story of Gilbert, (Innocent Munyaneza), a young man with the dream of being a journalist. He tries to film the struggles of his fellow students as they are wildly evicted from a country called Tumbami.

Richard Mugwaneza, the founder of Samples Studio and the editor of the movie, says, “It is basically a movie about the struggles of a film maker but, it also tells the story of Rwandans who have been chased from numerous countries around the world. We hope people who have been in a similar situation can connect with the movie, it is short but it has a universal message and a good picture and sound.”

The project was funded by the Etisal Fund, which supports upcoming film producers.


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