Sunday, 1 March 2015

Airtel Ghana Introduces DOTGO’s SMS Web Browsing Service

The DOTGO SMS Web Browser is a ground-breaking service that gives all mobile phone users access to the internet without cellular data or Wi-Fi – whether they use simple feature phones or smartphones.

 DOTGO’s SMS Web Browsing service gives mobile users – particularly in areas where Internet penetration is low – access to e-mail, news, and to websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo! and Facebook. For many users, DOTGO is actually their first-ever access to the Internet.

U s i n g DOTGO’s SMS Web Browsing service is easy: A subscriber just sends an SMS to DOTGO c o n t a i n i n g the name of the website they want to browse. DOTGO responds with an interactive menubased version of the website condensed and formatted for SMS.

Manu Rajan, Marketing Director for Airtel Ghana commented: “DOTGO’s powerful platform has democratized the Internet for our subscribers. Yes, smartphone adoption is growing fast, but feature phones are still heavily in use.

With DOTGO’s expertise, we have instantly increased Internet penetration in Ghana by enabling our feature-phone users to access the Internet with their existing phones.”

Since all of DOTGO’s services are built using the same core DOTGO platform, launching new services introduces no further technical overhead once a carrier has launched any one of DOTGO’s solutions, like the SMS Web Browser. This allows DOTGO carrier partners to rapidly launch new messaging services that create new value from their existing infrastructures.

From Group Messaging services to social networking with rich SMS support, DOTGO’s solutions have been adopted by over fifteen tier-one operators around the world.

Significantly, DOTGO’s messaging platform also provides mobile operators with muchneeded protection against the growing revenue losses caused by Internet-based services that bypass the carrier, such as messaging delivered by OTT players.


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