Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Terah AM performs “Wish you well” acoustic version

Hip hop artist, rapper, songwriter and producer Terah AM has performed an acoustic version of ‘Wish you well’ with the Yoyo crew on Ginger tinz.

Terah whose main goal is to spread urban rap music influence in 3rd and 2nd cycle institution in Ghana believes his music is not for everybody, but only for the openminded and young at heart.

Terah AM hails from Gbawe- Accra and is 1/3 of Metro District, an independent music group based in Accra comprising of talented artists and producers (JumpOFF & No Drrumz).

Terah AM is driven by his love for words and Images, and this has churned him out to be an excellent story teller.

He is able to draw inspiration from his experiences to create beautiful music, hence leading to the release of his two songs (How Halo Won & Wish You Well).

“Wish You Well” reflects the experience one goes through when a love partner decides to leave the other with the reason that the love is fading out. Terah AM who has gained exposure online and on major tertiary campuses used his “Wish You Will” song to tell a story by wishing anyone who goes through such situation well in spite of the challenges in finding another person like him or her.

He has released 2 joint EPs (Pushing Envelopes and Three) and has also feature singles.

Terah AM is scheduled to release his debut mixtape later on this year.


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