Sunday, 22 February 2015

Blaze of African music delights locals and tourists

The 12th edition of what has become Africa’s foremost festival of performing arts, Sauti Za Busara, kicked off the evening of 12th Feb with the venue, the Old Fort in the Stone Town, filled to capacity.

Artists from across Africa are once again performing and thrilling the crowds with the variety of their tunes. The opening night this year will see such accomplished artists like Bonaya Doti (Kenya), Culture Musical Club (Zanzibar), Tcheka (Cape Verde), Erik Aliana (Cameroun), Msafiri Zawose (Tz), Isabel Novella (Mozambique), Alikiba #popitin (Tz) and others, perform, all live of course, as “canned music” has little place here.

Other activities which await this year is the book signing by Haji Gora on February 14, titled “Twelve Poems by Haji Gora” at the Hurumzi Hotel at 1100 hours and the “Songs for Peace Awards” on closing night, February 15 at 2000 hours which is a cooperation of more than a dozen Tanzanian musicians to use music for the promotion of peace.

On Zanzibar at least, Sauti Za Busara will outrank the hype over Valentine’s Day as all eyes, and ears of course, will be trained on the stages where performances are given to the audiences at various venues during the day and at night.


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