Tuesday, 17 February 2015

InfiNet Wireless set to improve internet connectivity

InfiNet Wireless, a broadband connectivity company, has revealed their success in improving connectivity across the Nigerian region. According to the company, TruNorth, one of InfiNet’s resellers, has been working within the region in line with InfiNet’s overall strategy to expand its presence in Africa and bring wireless connectivity to all corners of the continent.

According to the company, the Nigerian region has been identified as having low internet speeds and poor connectivity. The company also revealed that telecom providers are not providing sufficient internet speeds that meet the demands of the growing market.

Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice President of InfiNet Wireless, stated that: “Nigeria is a key developing market for us and we are working with TruNorth, an experienced telecom service provider in the region, to provide reliable and state of the art networks for high capacity connectivity.”

“TruNorth believe that Nigeria offers the largest telecom market in Africa and shows consistent growth year after year. The market demand in Nigeria outweighs both the service offerings and the availability of infrastructure needed to meet these demands which make it a key focus for Wireless providers such as InifNet Wireless. InfiNet provides high capacity solutions and very fast deliveries, which is exactly what is required in Nigeria today.” concluded Abdallah Fawaz, Managing Director of TruNorth.


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