Sunday, 8 February 2015

Telecom Namibia to complete phase 1 of fibre grid in Q1

Telecom Namibia has stated that plans are at an advanced stage to construct a fibre-based network to connect all regional capitals in the country. Telecom Namibia’s senior manager of corporate communications, Oiva Angula, said that the construction of the primary fibre route to connect regional administrative capitals is already completed. This is according to The Namibian.

“Construction of a secondary fibre route to 12 regional administrative capitals is also done. The outstanding link is scheduled to be completed in March. The secondary route is important to ensure that the regional administrative capitals remain connected in cases of failures on the primary route,” Angula told The Namibian.

Angula said planning for Nkurenkuru as the administrative capital for new Kavango West region was finalised and work is scheduled to start as soon as the regional council premises have been constructed.

The fibre-based network project is being rolled out in phases with the first phase involving the establishment of the core network to connect the central government to the administrative capitals of all 14 regions.

“During this phase of the project, Telecom Namibia has invested about N$70 million. This phase is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2015, depending on a number of factors outside Telecom Namibia’s control,” this is according to Angula.

Since inception, Telecom has invested N$ 4.2 billion in infrastructure, services and business support systems, Angula concluded.


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