Tuesday, 25 February 2014

South African actress named as Master of Ceremony 2014 Seychelles Carnival

South Africa KwaZulu Natal is this year a co-host for the April Carnival of Carnivals that is staged annually in the Seychelles, and as such will be playing a key part in all the main events of that unique event that continues to attract international press to these mid-ocean islands to cover the event that they have themselves dubbed the one and only Carnival of carnivals.
Last week Seychelles named Michelle Marengo, singer and artist in her own right as the MC for the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 edition of the carnival who will be addressing in the island's Creole Language. The announcement was made as the Seychelles is seeing final touches put together for the official opening ceremony of the carnival that takes place in Victoria, the Capital of the Seychelles on the 25th April.
It was also confirmed that for this 2014 edition of the Carnival International de Victoria, the three main co-hosts (Seychelles, La Reunion and South Africa KwaZulu Natal) will all have an MC on stage who will also ensure that the island's three official languages (Creole, English and French) are used simultaneously for the official opening ceremony. South Africa have now named the famous Angelique Gerber as their MC who will be addressing the official opening ceremony in the English language. Angelique Gerber is a well-known South African actress and presenter on South-African television and she is also a known Film Star. The Vanilla Island of La Reunion will be proposing someone from their island who will be addressing the opening ceremony in the French language. Angelique Gerber is currently successfully completing the production of ‘Isidingo’ a South African soap opera which will be aired in February.
"Angelique Gerber has kindly accept the invitation to be a Master of Ceremony at the upcoming Carnival of Carnivals to be held in Seychelles from 25th – 27th April. Ms. Gerber will also be part of the carnival float on Saturday 26th promoting sports tourism – fitness & nutrition both on the national & international level. Sport Tourism is one of the niche market that the Seychelles Tourism Board South African Office is tapping into this year, as I believe that Seychelles presents an excellent opportunity to place a proper and long term wellness and sports tourism sustainable development program on the national platform for the benefit of Seychelles tourism growth and development which will attract not only the South Africans but the rest of the discerning travellers around the globe" says Marsha Parcou, the Seychelles Tourism Board Regional Manager for Africa. Seychelles will also be privileged during their 2014 carnival week to welcome Mr. Jacques Fagan, the well–reputed athlete from South Africa and ambassador for Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), the leading nutrition brand in South Africa. Mr. Fagan who won Mr. Tourism in 2011 will be part of the carnival float together with Insane Fitness & Training team. Insane Fitness & Nutrition have said that they are happy to showcase their athletes to the carnival of carnivals in Seychelles.
Mr. Fagan would be doing a live talk show on Jacaranda FM of South Africa promoting the coming carnival that South Africa KwaZulu Natal is co-hosting with Seychelles and the other Vanilla Islands of La Reunion, Madagascar and Mayotte. "This will give the event & tourism in the region of the Indian Ocean maximum exposure across South Africa" said Marsha Parcou of the Seychelles Tourism Board South Africa.
It has also been confirmed from South Africa that after the carnival Mr. Naidoo, the Life Coaching consultant from Insane Fitness & Training of South Africa will be hosting a workshop in partnership with the Seychelles National Sports Council (NSC) educating the Training Instructors, Body Builders, Athletes & Sportsman on the importance on proper nutrition and training technique. Both Ms. Gerber & Mr. Fagan will be motivational speakers during the workshop. Mr. Naidoo ‘says that he is delighted through the carnival time in Seychelles to have the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge towards holistic living and effective training method.


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