Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Climbing of the Mount-Cameroon

This year, the race of hope took place on 15 February, 600 national athletes, including 32 women and many foreigners, Africans, Europeans and Americans took part in it.
The ascent is to go to the city of Buea, 2400 metres above sea level, at the top of the mountain and return. Total distance of the round trip is 38 kms. At the top of the mountain, there is a large crater because Mount Cameroon is an active volcano, which last erupted in 2001.
2014 edition of Climbing of the Mount Cameroon was won among men, by Eric Mbatcha, athlete from North West Cameroon and among women by Miss Lisette Galiam, female athlete of the North - West Cameroon.
It must be said that in Cameroon, a great rivalry exists among athletes in the ascent of Mount Cameroon, which is located in the southwest region. And the south-western people who call themselves guardians of the chariot of God, another name given to the mount Cameroon, legitimately believe that victory in his ascension must return them. Other athletes do not agree with this fact. Foreigners also want to win, but the race is very difficult. Till today, only the Père Stifter, priest of British origin has won the ascent of Mount-Cameroon twice later in the 70s.
On this occasion of Mount Cameroon, many local cultural events have attracted a large audience in Buea. The ascent of Mount has its Queen, Madam Nyengou Sarah Etonge, who is more than 50 years, and still is in competition this time. But she did not appear at the podium. She has won this competition 7 times. This is also the ascent of Mount Cameroon, the race of hope.


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