Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Togo: Huawei awarded public sector fibre contract

Togo’s Government has revealed plans to connect 500 public buildings, which include: hospitals, universities, airports, and ministries to fibre.

According to the Togo Government, it has hired Huawei in order to lay 200km of cable. The contract was supported by financing from Exim Bank of China.

Huawei West Africa vice president Shi Weilang stated that: “Togo is only connected to one undersea cable while Benin is linked to two, Ghana to six and Nigeria to ten.”

He added that it was necessary for Togo to increase its offer to gain speed and capacity.

Connecting Togo’s public sector is expected to increase efficiency for a positive impact on the country’s social and economic development, especially by speeding up citizens’ administrative procedures.

Source: IT News Africa


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