Wednesday, 8 April 2015

HFC Bank Launches Visa Card

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The HFC Bank has launched a visa ATM card that would enable customers to make their online purchases, internet banking and have access to 1.8 million ATMs point outs worldwide.

The card comes HFC Prepaid Card, Classic Card and Gold Card, are expected to make it easier for customers to access their funds as well as give them security and peace of mind especially while travelling.

The Managing Director of HFC, Dr. Asare Akuffo who launched the visa cards said “although it seems the bank is late in issuing the cards, its introduction in the bank’s 25th anniversary year was very significant and made it very special, highlighting the good work that the bank had done over the past 25 years, 18 years of which have been in banking”.

He said the bank introduced the cards in response to customers’ demand saying “We basically have responded to the needs of our customers. This visa card is something they have yearned for over the years and we are happy that today it has arrived. It will bring security, convenience and access to millions of Visa outlets all over the world”.

Dr. Akuffo noted that soon the future of banking lies in electronic banking (E-Banking) and it was the reason why HFC was swift to present its customers with new ATMs and the launch of the cards.

Mr. Charles Ofori-Acquah, Executive Director of Business Development, said the cards had various security features that would ensure the safety and security of customers’ transactions, including their use.

It also uses the Card Verification Value (CVV) which ensures that the cards cannot be used by criminals.

“Considering the special needs of our customers, and the different places they will be taking the cards, especially the business community, we have rolled out three cards: the Gold Card for the high net worth customers, the Classic to take care of the middle market and the Visa Prepaid for those who want to spend a specific amount of money, for a trip or to purchase a specific item.

It for situations where money is to be spent in a controlled way, thus parents can get the prepaid for the wards, for buying school items or paying fees,” he said.

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle


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