Sunday, 8 February 2015

All the scoop about Katy Perry's 13-minute Super Bowl Halftime performance

With only 13 minutes in-between a football game, Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show blew a lot of people away and the internet has been buzzing since last night.

From her outfits to her guest performances – Missy Elliot & Lenny Kravitz – to her stage props and more, Katy Perry brought the house down.

Between the tiger, the flying star, the chess boards and Missy Elliot being on stage, Katy Perry's performance was grander in scope than anything seen in recent Super Bowl halftime memory.

Live music is hard, especially when you're dealing with something of the magnitude of a Super Bowl but Katy Perry stuck to her guns and gave a noteworthy performance.

Take a look at all the stage theatrics – bear in mind her performance was for 13 minutes in from of about 113 million fans.

Katy Perry put on a colorful show, performing such hits as “California Girls” and “Teenage Dreams” (with dancing sharks and beach balls) and closing the performance with “Firework,” floating through the stadium.


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