Monday, 12 January 2015

MTN Unleashes Digital Journey 2.0 with BetterMe App

MTN Nigeria has disclosed it is moving to a new dispensation called Telco 1.5, which is characterized by full scale focus on data and digital services leveraging the power of the internet. MTN Nigeria which has 60 million subscribers as at the end of year 2014, according to Funmi Onajide, the general manager, Corporate Affairs, on January 1, launched the BetterMe campaign as a clear evidence of how Nigerians can use the power of the internet to do extraordinary things in ways that add values to their lives.

Onajide while speaking at a press conference in Lagos to announce the launch of the Campaign, re-emphasized that telecom products and services in the currently are moving from predominately voice to data and digital services.

She said, “In the past the focus was on voice- that is the ability to connect people so that they could make phone calls. This industry has achieved that well over 100 million active subscribers in Nigeria of which MTN has 60 million subscribers as at the end of 2014.

On the BetterMe campaign, Onajide said, “As you know, Nigerians are very innovative and millions of people, especially our youth are already very familiar with the internet. The ‘Better Me’ campaign will build on that and will expose Nigerians from all works of life to how they can use the internet to do all sort of things that are relevant to their peculiar circumstances and show them how various digital and data products and services can make their lives better.” They include websites such as pidgin-based websites, local language news and a variety of useful information which should help people to see the positive value in the internet.

Bayo Adekanmbi, Chief Marketing Officer, in a presentation provided further details about the App, stressing that in spite about 200% growth in internet penetration in the country in the recent years, the usage has remained limited. Also speaking, Fola Akinmolayan, CEO, NEO-2 Limited, said “the BetterMe Bundle is a rich bouquet loaded with internet data (MB) , voice minutes (National) and sms that gives you the opportunity to be better in various facets of life through access to the power of the internet. Whether you want to be better in Business, relationships with friends and family, fashion, health or style, access to the internet via MTN makes it easy for you to access information on the go”.

Aside the Better Me app, MTN also showcased the benefits of ‘My2015App” as a one stop guide to news, resolutions, prophecies, opportunities, deals and more; which the offers are available to users on daily and monthly bundles.

He said that as the world is fast changing, with technology taking over people’s everyday lives, access to the internet provides opportunities that enable individuals to achieve greater heights and do a whole lot of things faster and better with less effort.


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