Sunday, 4 January 2015


The Country Director of, Eric Amoateng has called on the Government to reduce the duties impose on imported commercial vehicle into the country.

He said commercial vehicle are encourage into the country but must be in reduced rate so that it can help in grading the road network and also help vehicle industry to grow in good standard.

According to him if Government makes the importation of commercial vehicles an initiative where people can have access to, with affordable pricing, it will help the development of car processing in the country.

Government must create windows where people can operate so that the quality of vehicle imports into the country can improve.

in an interview during the occasion of an educational forum organized for drivers and passengers at Kejectia, in Kumasi, Mr. Eric Amoateng said "importation of vehicle into the county must be of good standard such that the dreams of dealers in the industry can be met at the international level".

Eric said importation of accident cars is not advisable in the sense that it rather cause more road accident within the shortest possible time, and also reduce the standard at which the dealers industry have dreamt to achieve.

In terms of promoting of made in Ghana Goods, he touched on the initiatives of Apostle Kojo Safo’s industry is putting on board to promote the country and also meet the international requirements.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to embrace the initiative amended by some groups and individuals which seeks to bring change into the industry and also to develop the country.


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