Monday, 26 January 2015

BMW brings Connected Drive come to Africa in March 2015

When the BMW i3 and BMW i8 go on sale in South Africa in March 2015 they will have a built-in connection to the Internet. The new BM vehicles will come with a built-in communications box into which a SM card is inserted and the service is called Connected Drive. These on-board Internet services will add to the overall demand for data. BMW suggests that 2015 it will have 5 million of these connected cars globally. The standard Intelligent Emergency Call system offers precise vehicle location and the technology can be used with a different package to gauge the severity of the accident. The TeleServices monitors the car’s data from fluid levels to brake pads. Drivers can establish a connection with their car and using their phone and Remote Services activate functions in the car. From July 2015 it will be possible to buy ConnectedDrive on a monthly or annual basis. The BMW ConnectedDrive Services will be the prerequisite for the additional services RTTI, Internet, Concierge and Remote Services. The pricing will be R4,500 / 3 years and standard on the BMW 5, 6 & 7 Series as well as the BMW X5 and X6. Pricing for the RTTI option is R1, 900 for 3 years and standard with the BMW 6 and 7 Series. Pricing for the BMW Remote Services will be R650 and will be offered as standard with the BMW 6 and 7 Series. Pricing for the BMW Internet Service will be R1,300 / 1 year and will also be standard with the BMW 6 and 7 Series. The pricing for the Concierge Services will be R3,200 / 3 years and standard with the BMW 6 and 7 Series. The system can also detect car accidents, so if someone's incapacitated and can't reach out for help, Verizon Vehicle will automatically send emergency assistance.

The system is up for preorder now at about $15 per month with a two-year contract ($13 for each additional vehicle). Verizon values the equipment at $120, but it's free with the contract. Its debut is slated for around late March 2015.


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