Monday, 26 January 2015

Ashish Thakkar, Sara Yeboah, CNN pick Africa Youth Awards

The Africa Youth Awards, an annual award scheme to recognise the hard work of young Africans is pleased to announce the deserved honorees of its first edition.

Launched in 2014, application for nominations were open through the media which prompted young people from across 15 African countries to nominate young change makers who are changing the destiny and course of the African continent through amazing initiatives.

After several weeks of consultation between the team and nominees; they were asked to submit detailed information of themselves and organisations they represent in order to provide evidence for the works they are doing on the continent.

To read detailed profile of winners of the first edition of the Africa Youth Awards below, kindly visit www.africanviewpointjpurnal. com. These young people work across disciplines, at the forefront of their fields.

The winners and organizations will be featured in a TIME BREAKING DOCUMENTARY on Africa dubbed THE AFRICAN ENGINE as the strategists empowering the economic and human development of Africa.

The Documentary will be featured on YouTube and Television Stations across the globe with the purpose to promote the works this young people under 35 are doing.

On behalf of the Board and Team I congratulate them on this feat and hope they would continue to be a great inspiration to young Africans across the world.


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