Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It was a night of a thousand laughs at Car Wash gardens

Car Wash Gardens reverberated with laughter as Night of a Thousand Laughs kicked off with rib cracking jokes from some of the finest comedians in the East African region.

The show featured seasoned comedian Eric Omondi from Kenya and Burundi’s best, Kigingi. The highly attended show also had a number of experienced local stand-up comedians such as Arthur Nkusi, and Herve Kimenyi who performed alongside budding comedians, Damian Junior Mukunzi and John Naifa Muyenzi, aka Babu.

Kigingi from Burundi put on a wonderful performance. Kigingi, in his jokes made fun of fellow Burundians who come to Kigali for a 1-day visit only to go back home with the Rwandan accent.

“I have seen Burundians who have crossed the border just once in their life time, only to go back home with difficulties to express themselves in Kirundi,” he joked

The audience had a great time. All photos by Seraphin Nayituriki Kenya’s Eric Omondi did not disappoint as he hit out at the mercilessness of his country men, who are always willing to “help” anyone who attempts to commit suicide.

“The only problem we have in Africa is being inhuman. Americans or Europeans would do anything to stop someone from committing suicide. In Kenya when someone wants to commit suicide by jumping from the 2nd floor of a building, people will encourage him or her to jump from the 6th floor. We, (Kenyans) are merciless,” he joked. Comedy night saw live music performances from Dream Boyz, who performed two of their latest singles, Uzahahe Uronke, Tujyane Iwacu and the old-school track of Urare aharyana.


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