Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Barclays Launches Service Guarantee

barclyasBarclays Bank Tanzania has launched service guarantee product, an initiative geared to improve customers' experience at the bank in the country.

Speaking at the launch in Dar es Salaam, Barclays Head of Products, Segments and Retail Strategy & Acting Retail Director, Mr Musa Kitoi, said with the service guarantee initiative, the bank commits to provide the customer delivery of service at a defined standard and defined time.

He said the initiative aims to give its customers much easier in financial transactions across the country.

"Barclays strives to deliver on expectations every time a customer walks into the bank hall with our service guarantee initiative, we make a promise to our customers to deliver a more efficient and effective service.

"To begin with, we guarantee that a customer can apply and receive his ATM card within 20 minutes and we also guarantee cheque book delivery within 5 days; these turn around times are the fastest you can get in the market.

"Furthermore, we also commit to compensate customers within 24 hours of discovering that there has been a service breach," said Mr Kitoi.

He said that they are proud to be the first bank to introduce such as unique initiative in the Tanzanian market and East African region. Mr Kitoi added that Barclays Bank endeavours to lead the industry by offering a new way to bank that combines great technologies and the best people to people service.

He further noted that the bank has made tremendous strides to enhance the overall customer experience through launching of various initiatives which are geared to reduce queues, including turn around times and manual processes that are paper intensive to a bank.

"Our aim is to be the bank where service is guaranteed to customers and where processes are automated to make banking easier and more convenient and therefore we will continue offering a range of new services designed to do exactly that, giving our customers time to focus on running their business," Mr Kitoi further explained.

On her part, Barclays Bank Strategic Project Manager, Mr Jane Mbwilo said that recently the bank launched Paperless banking where customers deposits or withdrawals are done without paper.

In addition, the bank has invested in new technology and ways to make banking simpler and easier for all their customers to use these alternate channels.

She said that Barclays strategy highlights implementation of technology that makes customers' lives much easier while introducing efficiencies that drive costs lower for the bank and therefore for the customers.


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