Monday, 21 July 2014

Seychelles starts process to give the new Liberty Monument its status as a national monument

The Liberty Monument was unveiled on the occasion of Seychelles 38th Independence anniversary and it represents the country’s powerful symbol of freedom and liberty.

It was Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, who got the ball rolling for Seychelles National Monument Board to start the process of classifying Liberty Monument as a national monument.

The will eventually mean that the new Liberty Monument will become the Seychelles 47th classified national monument.

Seychelles National Monument Board said that the Liberty Monument has all “the merits” to be classified as a national monument. Marcel Rosalie, Chairman of Seychelles National Monument Board spoke of the Liberty Monument’s “esthetically seen values and of its historical values’’ which he said weights immensely in the process of its classification as a national monument.

On Thursday 3rd June, Minister St.Ange, Benjamine Rose, the Principal Secretary for Culture met at the Minister's Conference Room at Espace with the chairman and members of National Monument Board to table the motion.

Minister St.Ange said that the Liberty Monument was unveiled at an opportune time, when Seychelles needed to move to the future as a united country.

The Seychelles National Monument Board will now start a documentation process to classify of Liberty Monument as a national monument.


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