Monday, 2 June 2014

We wish this century be for Asia and Africa, says François BALUMUENE

Africa is a gem on the scape of earth, truly with so many potential and treasures in hand, who knew that once delineated as ‘Dark Continent’, would come out as a golden stretch of opportunities for world to witness.

Finally, the day came to celebrate the establishment of African Union, erstwhile known as Organization of African Unity along with developments, growth and future of Africa and its people.

May 25, 2014, Africa Liberation Day is annually celebrated by and for Africa in many parts of the world. The proud citizens of Africa enthusiastically commemorate the occasion in India also, on Sunday when all the African Diplomatic Missions came together to celebrate the past, present and future of Africa at The Grand Hotel, New Delhi.

2014 is the “Year of Agriculture and Food Security”, highlighting the ongoing efforts and future anticipations for Africa in the agro and other areas. During the ceremonious moment, the Chief Guest, Secretary (West) Shri Dinkar Khullar together with esteemed Ambassador of Ethiopia, H.E. Ms. Gennet Zewide; Ambassador of The Republic of Zimbabwe and Dean of The Diplomatic Corps in India, H.E. Mr. Jonathan Wutawunashe and Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Dean of the African Heads of Missions, H.E. Mr. François BALUMUENE inaugurated a Special Africa Day Supplement produced by THE TIMES OF AFRICA.

The auspicious occasion was an indispensable platform accentuating the achievements and unity of the continent. The Dean of African Heads of Missions, H.E. Mr. Francois Balumuene while addressing the invitees asserted, “We wish that this century be for Asia and Africa an era where the people of the two continents could work together and ensure that 2014 be the year of agriculture and food security, we seek to cooperate so as to build a better life for our peoples.”

The Dean also showed his great trust and anticipation from the new Indian government and stated, “India, regarded as the biggest democracy on earth, has proved it once again with the recent general elections for the Lok Sabha, has indeed a big role to play. With the line of credit initiated by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, implemented effectively with Dr. Manmohan Singh government, will certainly reach a new height with the coming Shri Narendra Modi Sarkar.”

The Diplomatic Missions also honoured African students residing and studying in India with certificates for their achievements subsequent to address of Mr. Okito Kongo Christophe, President of Association of African Students in India.

The occasion was graced by High Commissioners, Diplomats and other eminent personalities from missions and Corporate sector of India. THE TIMES OF AFRICA was the Official Media Partner for this event.

No doubt, Africa day possesses a very special place in each African’s heart. The day is the time to pay tribute to martyrs who fought for the continent’s political and economic liberation.


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