Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Gasmilla joins Airtel rising stars

Azonto King Gasmilla with stage Africa host, Kwame Ayensu, at the launch of the 4th edition. Hiplife star and Ghana's King of Azonto has been contracted to teach the proper way to dance Azonto at all Airtel Rising Stars events around the country.

Gasmilla, often described as the inventor of Ghana's famous Azonto dance would engage fans during break time for Airtel Rising Stars.
Gasmilla said, 'I will be teaching fans the right way to dance Azonto and Azonto plus which include moves like Alkaeeda and Kobay also known as Amanda.

'On the first day of the event, I will teach everybody and then on the second day people will dance for me to judge them. I am looking forward to a lot of fun on the road. My target is to teach at least 10,000 people how to do the Azonto. We will also post all the videos on Airtel's social media platforms for people to enjoy. I am really excited.'

Gasmilla, also known as the International Fisherman, is enjoying heavy rotation on the Ghanaian music scene with his song 'Three Points' and is threatening the charts with another hit song 'Letter to the President.'

The ever-smiling Gasmilla said that he decided to support the Airtel Rising Stars because the competition identifies people who need opportunity to blow up.

'I used to sell at the Agblobloshie market with my mum. Everybody knew I could dance and rap but where was the help. With a lot of struggle and God's grace my first single blew up and things started happening. For most of the players on Airtel Rising Stars, all they need is the right help and things will change in their lives. That is why I am on Airtel Rising Stars,' Gasmilla said.

Airtel Chief Executive Officer, Lucy Quist, agreed with Gasmilla, saying, 'The 2014 Airtel Rising Stars is all about the power of potential. I settled on running while I was in school after doing many things. If somebody had discovered me then, maybe I will be running for my country and not running a company. Airtel believes in the power of your potential. If you have the talent, Airtel Rising Stars will find you and when we do, we will put you on the right path to success in your career for you to live the dream.'


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