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The enthralling world of Seychelles grasps an exclusivity of its own, and this, mingled with a natural legacy, captivating panoramas, peaceful sunsets, hypnotic beaches, lovely people, colorful and vibrant market place, almighty sights of plush foot hills and titillating marine life…. is a complete direction of lifetime!!!

The Vanilla Islands of the Indian Ocean Region is a term that has textured in the domain of leisure industry since couple of years ago but that is fast grabbling the attention of the world of tourism.

Yet again, the revitalizing air in Seychelles was jam-packed with the essence of the carnival International de Victoria with its 4th edition.

The carnival of carnivals in Victoria, Seychelles, has turned out to be one of the capital's most prevalent and awaited happenings. The carnival is held each year to rejoice the assortment of ethos within this trifling nirvana on earth. An outstandingly Creole custom makes the carnival very diverse and unique, not in only culture, but traditionally and faithfully as well. No doubt, the carnival of carnivals has grown bigger and better each year and has fetched lots of attention to the Seychelles islands.

A dialogue with the press took place on the 24th April in the main lounge of the Fast Ferry ‘Cat Coco’ after a slow ride to the Beau Vallon to give all the contingent of International Press an opportunity to catch Seychelles from the sea and to experience a spectacular sunset, that Seychelles is so known for.

Minister Alain St.Ange, Minister for Tourism and Culture of Seychelles had the integrity to expose the carnival on 25 April and was continuously fenced by press personalities from right across the world as the carnival parade closed.

The official opening of the carnival once again took place in Victoria on the afternoon of the first day of the event.

Carnaval International de Victoria made its entrance on the country’s events calendar in 2011. This year fresh embellishments to the merriments, encompassed Mozambique as well as the return of Dusseldorf (Germany). Mozambique and Germany paraded alongside with countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, Mayotte, Britain, Rodrigues, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Zimbabwe and Indonesia.

The Notting Hill Carnival Company from Brazil electrified the audiences with new costumes from five costumed groups, demonstrating the display of themes, one being the ‘Celebration of Mama Africa’, another being ‘Music of the Caribbean’.

The Korean Carnaval team instituting of an artistic group NONI performed Samul nori (Korean traditional percussion music) and took the attention of the audiences.

The Kenyan troupe presented their jumping and bridal dances in the parade. The Kenyan Maasai are famed for their sparkling dancing and colorful clothes and are one of the most well-known of Kenya’s many diverse tribes.

Lisa Haley (fiddler player and Grammy Nominee) & the Zydekats from USA gave a unique break to the spectators to pick up Cajun and Zydeco music. During the float parade on the second day, the streets of Victoria was filled with colors.

The foreign partaking was heightened by 26 local floats put together by top companies as Air Seychelles, the Kempinski Seychelles Resort, the Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa, Le Meridien Fisherman`s Cove, and the Seychelles Tourism Academy, among many others.

A Carnival in the Carnival “Kiddies carnival” particularly intended to interest kids took place on 27th April, the last day of the carnival.

Continually evolving, the list of co-sponsors Carnaval International de Victoria has grown; South Africa joined the Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion and Mayotte. The closing ceremony, saw the performances of all the participating countries. Angelique Gerber, the South African actress and Marie Payet, Miss Reunion 2011 were the master of ceremony opening.

The Seychelles Tourism Board did its best to stand up to the requirements of visitors and participants of the carnival, through accommodation, transport, etc. A record breaking number of 151 journalists from around the world covered this colorful carnival.

Air Seychelles and Etihad were major corporate partner of the carnival festival. Seychelles carnival song, “Ole Ola en sel lavwa’’ hypnotized the audiences of the carnival to the fullest.

The 5th edition of the Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria will be held between 24th and 26th April, when it will once again be converted to a focal point for reps from the world’s most famous carnivals who will be called to the islands to take part in this exhilarating international event.


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