Thursday, 22 May 2014

PGGSS 4 STARS bring Ruhango to a standstill

Primus GumaGuma superstar season 4 continued with music stars rocking the town of Ruhango in the Southern Province. Bruce Melody wowed the crowd with his rock hit uzandabure. Thousands of music fans filled up the district headquarters main ground to have a glimpse of their stars. Well prepared to deal with any emergency situation was the Police force, Bralirwa security personnel and Red Cross. The Mc’s Anita Pendo and Tino thrilled the crowd with jokes. There was thunderous noise and clapping when artistes finally arrived and headed back stage. The artistes, who had earlier held a talk show on Radio Huguka in Muhanga, looked refreshed and relaxed. Backstage, they changed into their stage gear while others tested their vocals.

Soon, it was show time. Stars came on stage according to the number they picked in the draft selection process but the most exhilarating performance came from Senderi International Hit. Dressed like a chef, Senderi sent the crowd screaming when he performed a song he composed for Rayon Sport. Senderi performed Turi mu muvuduko, Jalousie and Icyomoro.

However, before Senderi hit the stage, Hip Hop sensation Jay Polly staged an amazing performance. From Ikosora to Chagua and the crowd’s favourite Deux fois Deux, Jay Polly’s performance took him further up the ladder of the favourites to win this year’s PGGSS 4 title.

Amag the Black was second to come on stage after Jay Polly. He started off with Turi kw’ishuri before performing Care, a song where he talks about how ladies are ‘dethoothers’. MC Anita Pendo asked him if he was not generalising all ladies as ‘dethoothers’ and Amag the Black responded by saying “we sing about what I see” sending the crowd into laughter. His last performance was Agakaye although the crowd didn’t warm up to him.

Diana Teta took to the stage after Amag the Black and hit it off with Canga Ikarita. The crowd could be seen singing along and dancing. She was asked by the crowd to sing from the center stage and she immediately took them by storm when she sang her verse in the hit-single Fata Fata as people cheered her on. Amongst all her songs, the crowd’s favourite was Kata, a song released this year in response to rumours that she had bribed her way into PGGSS 4.


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