Monday, 26 May 2014

New mobile application for Reunion Island Tourism

Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) is offering a unique experience of Reunion Island with its new application that provides a discovery of the destination - an immersion into the heart of Reunion Island through videos.

The distinctiveness and innovation of this application is that visitors are able to watch a 360-degree video with the capability to zoom anywhere in the film. Thus, the application offers many advantages while providing an unforgettable experience of Reunion Island thanks to the immersion provided by this technology sensation.

Reunion Island’s new app is the logical consequence of the application of virtual tours designed for the promotion of meetings with an interactive 360-degree panorama of venues. The use of video brings a feeling of immersion even more intense than just photos as the user is transported into the scene.

Intended to both promote the destination as well as a love for the island, Reunion Island’s new app is the result of prime technology through innovation.

Already awarded to Travel Gold 2012 for its implementation of “visits” to virtual meeting venues, the IRT was selected again this year among the 5 finalists in this category for its innovative Reunion Island application of “Best Websites and Applications in the Tourism Sector.”

The IRT wishes to continue its efforts in this area to remain a "destination of most-used communication geeks," said Frederic Vanhoutte, President of Eventiz and creator of Travel Golden. The new website technology is sure to also attract more users with greater experiences and interactions. 360 videos and 360 panoramas are also available in web version.


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