Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Film Lovers Thrilled By ‘Wooden Camera ’ Screening

Weekly movie shows at Goethe Institute in Kiyovu continue to attract more film lovers. A picture taken from one of the scenes in the movie. Goethe screens a number of movies from not only Rwanda’s budding and veteran filmmakers, but also films from around the world. The Wooden Camera (2003) a South African movie directed by Ntshavheni wa Luruli, was shown to a thrilled audience that attended its screening at Goethe.

The film is about a young boy and his best childhood friend who finds out that just a simple choice is enough to change the whole course of a lifetime. When Sipho and Madiba discover the dead body of a man, thrown out of a moving train, clutching a briefcase containing a video camera and a gun, streetwise Sipho’s fate is sealed when he opts for the gun while timid Madiba’s world is unlocked after he begins seeing a new world through the lens of his newly acquired possession.

Madiba, fascinated by the camera that he has concealed inside a wooden toy camera films the beauty of the world around him which he finds in both Cape Town and Khayelitsha. He’s skilled and tries making many films, which are very personal and he does not want to share with other people.

In Cape Town, he meets and falls in love with a white girl from a rich family, Estelle (Dana de Agrella). The rebellious young girl gets in conflict with her racist father about this. Sipho, on the other hand uses his gun to terrorise and rob people, a thing that Madiba refuses to take stolen money. Though this strained their friendship, Madiba still considers him a friend.

In the end, one of Sipho’s escapades goes wrong and he is killed. The rebellious Estelle runs away with Madiba to begin their lives as two teenagers with big ambitions.


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