Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cape Town as a symbol of 20 years of Freedom

Two decades ago South African’s were free to cast their vote for the first time. The 27th of April 1994 was a momentous moment in a hard-won journey to equal rights for all South Africans and marked the birth of our new democracy.

Such a significant moment, in fact, that many have chosen to celebrate freedom throughout the month of April and we encourage locals and visitors alike to use this opportunity to reflect, celebrate and commemorate this time in the Mother City

Cape Town as a symbol of Freedom, says Cape Town Tourism Executive for Marketing, Velma Corcoran; “Cape Town has always been important in the struggle for freedom.

Take a walk past the City Hall and stop under the balcony to reflect on the words of Madiba’s post release speech; pay a visit to the District Six Museum followed by a stroll through the vibrant Fringe District or head to Langa to spend some time in the Pass Museum understanding what life was like for so many South Africans.

It is also a city that is still wrestling with the legacy of apartheid, particularly in the stubborn existence of both a socioeconomic and spatial divide.

With Mandela Day on the 18th of July this year, thousands will be combining efforts to take action and inspire change, with visitors also having the opportunity to be part of this day of service.

South African Tourism’s recently launched “Madiba’s Journey” is an interactive map where you can literally follow the footsteps of this extraordinary man around the country.

In Cape Town many street names honour the memory of notable struggle icons, whilst township tours are a great way to see and experience the Mother City during Freedom Month - via coach, bicycle or on a walking tour.


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